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I Wish We Didn’t Need Lady Gaga’s New Music Video

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He was one year older than I was and headed to medical school. Somehow that gave him a veneer of respectability. He also seemed reserved and didn’t drink much. When he asked me out after English class, I floated all the way back to my dorm so I could tell my roommate. We may or may not have jumped on the bed and squealed with excitement.

By all measures, he was a catch.

The date was enjoyable, but that’s not what sticks out all these years later. What sticks out is how forceful he was after the date. I remember him using his considerable physical strength to his full advantage. I couldn’t overpower him, but I eventually evaded his too-strong grasp by convincing him I had to pee. Free from his grasp, I ran all the way back to my dorm. This time, my roommate and I were not squealing with joy. I was shivering; she was pacing back and forth, saying what a jerk he was.

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Why Fiorina Is a Danger to Women

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Voting to defund Planned Parenthood has become an annual event in the Republican Congress. Shaming Planned Parenthood is at the top of the list of any Republican candidate’s playbook. That it became a talking point during the the Republican debate last week was no surprise to anyone.

That she could misrepresented Planned Parenthood—and get no pushback from CNN’s moderators against inaccurate claims about the organization—is, while maybe not entirely surprising, disappointing to say the least.

When asked what she thought were the most pressing issues of our time, Carly Fiorina, the only woman in a sea of male candidates, listed Iran and Planned Parenthood as most important to her, putting the latter at the top of the news.

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4 Maternity Style Rules Kim Kardashian Breaks

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When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced they were expecting their second baby, we all knew it meant that some striking maternity outfits were coming our way. Whether you love or hate the media sensation that is Kardashian, she’s undeniably an expert at getting you do a double-take.

Because we’re living in the post-Kanye (“Kimye”) era of her style, her outfits tend more toward an aesthetic not normally worn by pregnant women. But boundary-pushing Kim is no stranger to criticism. Many have decried her maternity choices as “terrible,” “bizarre” or, my favorite, “unflattering.” Having been pregnant myself, I’m well aware of the unwritten rules of maternity wear:

(1) Aim for glowing and beautiful.

(2) Try not to look fat.

(3) You’re sexy outfit days are over.

(4) Demure over dramatic.

Kardashian, unapologetic, breaks every single one of these rules. Then she makes her own—and I love her for that. Here are some of the best and most controversial maternity looks she’s worn during this pregnancy:

1. Blushing beauty

2. Wearing Kanye’s collection

3. Drama and lace

4. Out and about during NYFW

5. Mr. and Mrs. West

6. Bodycon baby bump

7. Ruffled

8. Evening look

9. Cargo pockets

10. Casual mom day

Maternity wear doesn’t have to look one way. There’s little difference between Kim’s usual style and her maternity style, and that’s OK. Few women in the public eye have as much as freedom to portray themselves exactly as they wish.

The Kardashians are a curious bunch, being on the receiving end of adulation and disdain alike. It may be that we love and criticize Kim Kardashian for the same reason—for living audaciously on her own terms.

Her maternity choices will divide opinion. But that’s quintessential Kim.

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Why I Won’t Give My Toddler a Birthday Gift

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I know this stance is extreme, miserly even, but I feel pretty good about having celebrated my son’s second birthday without buying him a gift. Even though it hurt a little just to type that sentence, I stand by letting this birthday pass without a gift from Mom and Dad. Hear me out before condemning me to mom hell, though, won’t ya?

This little guy is the youngest of three, which means we have a home full of toys already. Train table? Check. Cars and trucks? Check and check. Stuffed animals? Coming out of our ears. Musical instruments? An orchestra has nothing on us. Art supplies? Oodles of the stuff. Books? Um, we’ve practically opened up a branch library.

We have everything and anything a young toddler could want or need. It’s obscene, really.

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I Secretly Wished for a C-Section

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My firstborn turns 5 this month. (5! My baby!) That said, five years into motherhood and two babies later, I can admit this out loud without much care about what anyone else might think: I actually wished for a C-section. (I used to only share this with my closest confidants, but now, what the hell.)

I didn’t opt for one outright or special-request it from my OB/GYN or anything, but for nine months leading up to the delivery of my first baby, I hoped I’d need a C-section just so I could avoid the watermelon-through-the-size-of-a-lemon scenario.

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17 Bizarre But True Facts About Your Baby

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If you’ve ever held a newborn baby, you know firsthand how fascinating these small creatures really are. They’re so animated and aware, clearly bursting with life, but completely helpless. The smell of their heads is intoxicating. The feel of their soft bodies sleeping on your chest is indescribable. And yet our babies have more crazy skills than you probably realize.

You can read all the baby books and be fully prepared to feed, change and clothe these growing humans, but I guarantee there’s a lot you don’t know about the inner workings of your little one. Tonight while you marvel at your infant’s fluttering eyes and deep breathing, ponder some of these bizarre but true facts:

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